Skin Care Treatments


facial treatments are customized to meet specific skin types and concerns. Sessions include consultation, cleanse, exfoliation, customized serums, masks, and sun protection. I incorporate neck, shoulder and scalp massage to facilitate relaxation and wellness. Sessions can focus on relaxation and general skin health or progressive, result oriented goals. A careful selection of enzymes and/or acids for exfoliation, proper building, strengthening and nourishing serums and masks will result in healthy skin you’ll love.

Express Skin Care Treatments


An abbreviated version of a facial for those tight on time, wile meeting the desire for better skin health. This thorough cleanse, targeted enzymatic exfoliation, and sun protection is perfect for teens, or those who want a quick skin pick-me-up.

Men's Skin Treatments


Men’s skin does not receive antioxidants the same ways women’s do. So use of professional products to work with that biological variation makes all the difference. These treatments are designed to address concerns specific to men like shaving irritation, excess oil production, and deeper lines from sun damage and hormonal differences to deliver maximized results.

Chemical Peels


the use of a combination of acids specifically selected for the skin type and concern, chemical exfoliation enhances results of preliminary skin treatments. Most require commitment to a series of treatments prior to this service, and require the purchase of home care product to guarantee the safety and health of the skin following treatment. There is downtime for 7-10 days post-procedure so clients are advised to plan ahead to accommodate the various stages of peeling.

Collagen Induction Therapy

$199 and up

keep that beautiful artwork ageless by maintaining the canvas that is your skin. Treatments include an option to wax, followed by gentile cleanse, exfoliation that will not disrupt the pigments and ink in the dermis, hydration, rejuvenation and most importantly to maintaining the living art- SUN PROTECTION!


$12 and up

I use wax formulated for sensitive skin types. Please discontinue the use of retinol or self-exfoliating topicals at least 48 hours prior to scheduling a facial waxing service.


Tattoo Prep $45

Tattoo Renew $35

Tattoos are investments. So give them the best possible canvas before the tattoo artist even starts. This treatment includes waxing the area, gentile exfoliation, hydration and rejuvenation so your skin is better prepared to receive the artwork. Advised to schedule 10-14 days before scheduled tattoo session, and a pre-session patch test to determine the most appropriate wax for your skin and hair type. Imagine recovering from a tattoo and not also having to deal with the shaving irritation and hair stubble regrowth!

Microdermabrasion* and Dermaplaning*

$25 Add-on

both are means of mechanical exfoliation. Microdermabrasion utilizes mild abrasion to remove the uppermost dead layers of the epidermis while suction stimulates collagen production. Dermaplaning utilizes a sharp blade to remove the vellus hair or peach fuzz and the upper most dead layer of the epidermis. Both are wonderfully complementary add-on services to a full service or express facial treatment.

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