What should I expect if this is my first massage?

First-time clients maybe a little nervous or apprehensive prior to their first massage. Understandable as this can be a vulnerable situation on top of unfamiliar. Clients are advised to be on time to avoid any panic and to dress comfortably. If coming straight from work, many like to bring a change of clothes so they may put on clean or more comfortable clothes after the session is over. As a courtesy to the therapist, good hygienic practices are greatly appreciated. Clients are expected to be clean for the health and comfort not only for them but for the therapist as well.

How long will my appointment take?

First-time clients should expect additional 15-20 minutes in the office to accommodate intake paperwork and initial consultation with a therapist. Consultation time will not subtract from the hands-on massage time. Here, 60/90 min sessions are not on the “professional” schedule many other massage establishments adopt.

Do I completely disrobe for the massage?

Client comfort is our number one priority. Depending on the client goals for the session, the degree to which one disrobes varies. Most often, clients prefer to completely disrobe, including undergarments; but again, level of disrobing is left to client comfort and discretion.

Will I be covered during the massage?

YES! Standard sheet draping is practiced at Advanced Therapeutics. The only area uncovered will be the area of focus at that time. If no undergarments are worn during the massage full glute draping is practiced unless client otherwise requests. Under no circumstances will the breast (for women) or genital area (men and women) areas ever be exposed during the massage.