This comes up a lot...

I know people sometimes avoid getting a massage because they fear they MIGHT get an erection and it kinda makes me sad that this fear could be keeping someone who could really benefit from the therapeutic benefits of massage. so, let’s go ahead and talk about it like adults.

1) Erections do not happen in massage as often as most men fear and most women suspect.

2) For men, the physiological response to increased circulation and something that feels good can include an erection. I am not going to demonize someone for how their body is wired. This is all assuming the client maintains professional boundaries in the situation, of course.

3) IF someone gets an erection during a massage, I want to make it clear – I will not do ANYTHING about it.

4) IF someone gets an erection in session, I ignore it. Completely. If the client feels more comfortable ignoring it as well, I play along. If the client prefers to address it, we can acknowledge it in a professional and polite way.

5) I might be the expert in the room, but you are the expert of your body. If you would rather end the session (for any reason), end the session. No hard feelings (that’s what she said, hehe…)

I hope this helps someone who might have been avoiding getting a massage feel more educated and confident about the situation. I have learned that most guys who have this concern feel more comfortable knowing this as the start of the session. I know this can be a difficult conversation, but addressing it directly and professionally seems to help. or at least that’s my observation in my experience. Don’t hesitate to have this conversation with your therapist.

I hope this was helpful to anyone who wants a massage, but has been avoiding it because of this concern.

Be well, friends



Why does it show up at the worst time?!?

Part of the reason I became an esthetician is because I suffered from acne as a teen and well into adulthood. Over the years,  I have learned so much about acne and how to treat it and prevent it.

Acne is a wound. Weather you are dealing with blackheads, whiteheads, pustules or cysts…it is important to remember that you are treating and HEALING inflammation.

Nutrition and Lifestyle- Sometimes it takes a lifestyle change to prevent or minimize breakouts. Changes to what we eat and drink can often predict how our skin will look in then following days. Nutrient deficient diets result in nutrients deficient skin. High inflammatory diets result in inflamed skin. Some food triggers include dairy, sugar, gluten and caffeine.

STRESS, (which I’m sure we are all dealing with right now) raises your cortisol levels and when your cortisol is unbalanced it can cause hormonal acne. Try your best to take some time for yourself and create a self care ritual. Whether it’s taking a hot bath at the end of the day, meditation, or doing a mini at home facial…it is important to de-stress.

Although all of these things are important factors in preventing and addressing acne, one of the most important things is your actual skincare routine! Different ingredients are designed to treat different types of acne. If you are unsure what ingredients and products you need don’t hesitate to ask- I am here to help you!